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We partner with you using our range of unique photo booth systems to increase your brand reach and exposure, our full event service provides an easy hassle free method to give your guests an event to remember, everyone likes their photo taken and in todays socially connected world, are sure to share their branded image on Facebook, Twitter and a multitude of other social networks. Have fun with your guests and build brand awareness with our range of social options.

A crazy range of photo booth hire. Photo Booth Hire North East, Photo Booth Hire Yorkshire, Photo Booth Hire Lancashire, Photo Booth Hire Midlands,Photo Booth Hire Nottinghamshire, Photo Booth Hire Scotland, Photo Booth Hire London and the rest of the UK. Photo Booth Hire for Weddings, Photo Booth Hire Parties, Photo Booth Hire for Corporate events and Photo Booth Hire for Private Events.

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Photo Booth Tablet Social Media Upload

Social Media Crazy

To increase the viral capabilities of the booth you hire you can choose from a number of social media options, any of our booths has social media capabilities built right in to allow guests to upload straight to Facebook or Twitter, or email themselves copies of the images, along with sales promotions, or discount vouchers from you. For higher throughput events you can have a standalone social media station, that not only offers the same facilities as the booth, but can also collect images your guests have uploaded to Instagram and print them out.

The final option is our portable tablet, or indeed tablets, as multiple tablets can be used with our booths, perfect for promotions staff to use for engaging guests.  Encouraging your guests to upload to Twitter and Facebook will exponentially increase your social media throughput as all their friends will see those posts.

Hashtag Printing

Everyone nowadays has a smart phone, so imagine at an exhibition with hundreds or thousands of attendees, you can issue a unique hashtag for them to use when snapping away and uploading images to Instagram or Twitter, our Hashtag booths will then grab these images, add your branding and sales message to them and allow guests to print them out, the perfect viral photo system. Drive guests to your exhibition stand to collect them, or place a number of print stations around the event, this system can also be integrated into any of our range of photo booths.

Instagram Hashtag Printer

Real Time Photo Wall

Add additional impact to your promotion by having images displayed in real time on large plasma screens or projectors, again this can be a standalone option or added to any of our photo booth range.

You can even have interstitial ads displaying between images, creating another marketing opportunity for your event.

Photo Booth Slideshow
photo booth survey collection and competitions mode

Surveys and Competitions

We’ve added some cool new features to our booths to increase their usefulness for corporate events, any booth or social media station/tablet can be set to present a short survey before allowing guests to upload to social media, these can be simple yes no questions or more complex multiple choice or text entry, much more fun than just stopping people with a clipboard.

You can also set any booth to issue special winning photos allowing you to offer prizes or money off vouchers to your guests, the percentage of winners is selectable so can be tweaked to suit any type of event.

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