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What Is Included With A photo booth Hire?

Choice Of Print Colours

As standard the booth is programmed to allow you the choice of colour or black and white prints, however it can be set up to offer sepia, retro colours and various other options


Custom Print Layouts

You can have the traditional strip of photos, just like for your passport, or we can design a full custom layout for you.

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FREE Box Of Props

We supply a box of silly wigs, hats, glasses etc for your guests to use in the booth, a few drinks and their urge to dress up can be satisfied to their hearts content. For themed weddings we can provide props to match.

Booth Attendant

Booth Attendant

An experienced attendant will stay with your booth throughout the event to help the guests operate it (although the system is simple enough for a 5 year old to use), provide advice with the props and keep things running smoothly.

Free Image Downloads

Images can be uploaded after the event to our server, your guests are issued with a code and can then download additional copies of their prints FREE!



One thing that we always find is a photo booth is fun, the usual result is a queue of people for most of the evening, with many making more than 1 visit for additional photos.

We also offer additional extras;

Guest Book, a second set of prints with one copy added to a guest book for you to keep.

Social Media, we can set the system to allow you to upload images to Facebook and Twitter.

Green Screen, the booths can be supplied with a greenscreen to allow special backgrounds to appear on your prints.

Video Booth, any booth can have a video recording facility enabling for video messages.

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What Is A photo booth?

What Is Included?

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Taxi Cab photo booth

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Telephone Box photo booth

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Austin Mini Photo Booth

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 Horror Cab photo booth

Other Services

Photo Booth Customisation

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